Seven Quick Takes – Good Friday Edition



Today we hold the death of our Lord deep in our hearts.


Jesus is condemned to death.

Jesus embraces the cross.

“condemn” and “embrace.” two verbs – one cold, one warm.

May we welcome hardship the way you do.


Jesus falls the first time.

Jesus meets his mother.

when you were but a babe, you fell. who was there to pick you up? your mother. now as a man you fall. and she can only watch.

May we turn to your mother, now our mother, when we fall.


Simon, a stranger, carries the cross for Jesus.

Veronica, a friend, wipes Jesus’s face.

two people – one known; one unkown – both show love.

May we show charity to everyone in need, regardless of relationship.


Jesus falls a second time.

Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem.

Jesus falls a third time.

the burden grows greater. your bride cannot help you.

May we encourage our brothers as they bear their crosses out of love for us.


Jesus is stripped; his garment is divided.

Jesus is nailed to the cross.

the exterior falls away and separates. but your interior becomes one with its purpose.

May we cast off the trappings of the world and put on that which leads us to you.


Jesus dies.




Jesus’s body is removed from the cross.

Jesus’s body is placed in the tomb.

the cross – and the world – is bereft. you fill a darkness.

May we find you in our darkest of hours.

Lord, stay with us. Remain here with us.

We watch and pray for the signs of your hope.


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