Modern Meditation Monday – It’s Still Sunday

Happy Easter! and Happy Sunday

Easter is so joyous that we Catholics celebrate for eight days – an octave. But this is no ordinary octave – it is an octave of Sundays.
In our hyper-scheduled lives, it can be hard to wrap our heads around eight of the same-named day in a row. It certainly doesn’t feel like another Sunday – we’re back to work! But liturgically, Sunday it is.

Today, and for the rest of the week until Divine Mercy Sunday, we celebrate the Resurrection as if each day were Easter Sunday. Daily Mass will feature a sung Gloria, and the readings will feature the many different experiences people had following Jesus’s rising again.

In the regular calendar year, Sundays are a time to slow down, savor the time for rest, and celebrate the Mass. So for Easter, we should embrace this opportunity to slow down, savor this special time, and celebrate Mass – living out the joy in context of the rest of our week.

Since we can’t recalibrate our PDAs to reflect this time-shift, what if we used them to track one thing we can do to recognize it as a “Sunday?”


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