7 Quick Takes Friday – Take a Quick Look @Catholic Womanhood

In biblical times, the local well was THE place for women to gather and chat, as well as draw the life-giving water they needed.  This blog is just one “well” young women can visit. Thanks to modern technology, we have the opportunity to “draw” from many other places. Here’s some other e-wells we should support as they affirm the Catholic view of womanhood.



This blog is run by a young woman who seeks to reverse the Seventeen-magazine style culture. Though her target audience is for teens, her columns reflect that all young women can have style and faith.



This e-zine is a gorgeous way for young Catholic women to appreciate and express their creativity and still keep the faith.



This beautiful new e-zine has all the usual features of a “lady mag,” but done with style and grace to truly respect the female reader as a “lady.”



This website is for the newly launched Catholic Digest magazine, which used to be Faith and Family.  The features encompass all areas of life and uphold the dignity of all women in whatever stage – single, married, with children.



This wesite is a present to all proverbial girlfriends. Posts cover many topics dear to a Catholic woman’s heart.



This site, like the next, is a resource of several blogs by women who have discerned a religious vocation. With perspectives as varied as the orders they enter, they show all aspects of a Catholic womanhood.



Last, and certainly not least, this blog features a roll of “wells” women in all states of life might want to visit.


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