7 Quick Takes Friday – Summer Reading Edition

Whether you’re banking on some quit time at the beach, taking time away from classes, or just looking for ways to while away the lingering summer sun, reading is on your mind! Here are seven great books for Catholic women.*


This wonderful collection of essays affirms the dignity of women and celebrates every aspect of their lives. Providing insightful commentary and spiritual support, these girlfriends guide you through friendship, the single life, the married life, children, prayer, love, and yes, sex. The variety of voices represent the delightfully diverse community that is Catholic women. Reflection questions at the end of each chapter give you space to ponder or journal. Light, but substanative, it’s perfect for a couple hours by the pool or savored essay-by-essay over the summer.


Another collection of essays on topics of women, this compendium offers factual and intellectual defenses of Catholic teaching regarding women and their issues. Eight brilliant Catholic women enlighten the reader with evidence that the Church really does support women with its positions on everything from marriage, contraception, chastity, and ordination. The extensive citations of scientific and sociological research bolster the already deep spiritual arguments. A meaty choice for the modern woman.


Don’t let the title fool you: this is not a dating advice book. It’s BETTER. Rather than 21 secrets of where to pick up good Catholic men, the authors present the habits and choices that lead to and support whole and healthy womanhood. Many beautiful passages affirm your worth and aim to build self-esteem. By putting on the attitudes laid out, you will cherish your own soul, preparing it for union with your soulmate, wherever he may be.


This lovely spiritual companion explores woman in her roles as mother, bride, spouse, and teacher – regardless of her state or vocation. Drawing on themes presented in Mulieris Dignitatem, the author gives you the seeds of spirituality that you can plant, see bloom, and nurture throughout your life. A warm, nourishing read perfect for during summer storms, and a refreshing voice for those un-air-conditioned prayer spots.


Let’s not forget the saints! This sumptuous exploration of a soul takes the reader on a journey through seven mansions, ever deepening her relationship with God. Though magically mystical, the Doctor of the Church’s winsome humility and gorgeous grace transport your heart to unite with Christ’s.


Don’t let the size deceive you! This slim volume packs the most profound conversations with God. This Doctor of the Church was somewhat of a superhero in her day – her writings helped urge the pope back to Rome. Sample some of her style with this inspiring call to holiness.


Summer can be a time of streamlining – divesting your home of winter clothes, stowing away blankets, offering up suffering from the heat and humidity, and opening up of hours to fill – possibly with prayer. Released just this Lent, this little volume offers six practices that make help you make room in your life and your soul.

*Book images are linked to the publisher’s site. Buying directly from the company is the best way to support the wonderful religious and laypeople who bring you these amazing books! Consider paying full price as your Friday sacrifice. 🙂

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