What I Wore on Sunday – Blizzard Edition!

A gutsy, GUSTY storm named Nemo swam through my neighborhood this weekend. Public transit has been suspended for yet another day, so I am ever so thankful for a ride to my preferred Mass from a dear friend. So this morning’s outfit is a typical winter Sunday number:


Wool skirt (Burlington Coat Factory seasons ago) over water-resistant & wicking thermal leggings, light INC sweater (Macy’s, last year, a present from Mom) over lightweight thermal top.

If Dear Friend couldn’t drive me, I suppose if I didn’t have a church about a mile away, I may have had reason to stay home and just watch Mass on CatholicTV. BUT, I am 1) young 2) healthy 3) ambulatory  and 4) in possession of some hardcore winter gear. So here’s the extra layer of what to wear on Sunday, perfect for potentially unshoveled sidewalks and 4-foot plow drifts.


Snow pants (gift from parents) and North Face Arctic parka (bought on sale at Macy’s with new credit card discount, too).

Even though I won’t need to wear them to church, I will probably don them for the trip to the grocery store. But instead of a cart, I shall tow them on a sled!



9 thoughts on “What I Wore on Sunday – Blizzard Edition!

  1. I also walked to church today, with a baby strapped to me, a back pack on, and a toddler by the hand. So your grocery trip sounds much like my day. Except I didn’t do it in a storm – Nemo has come and gone over this way. 🙂

    • My goodness Amy! Well done you! We had the remnants of Nemo: piles and piles of snow blocking pathways and icy sidewalks. Thank goodness for Yak tracks.

    • Oh, I was no nonsense. Plenty of soups. But I did get a bottle of wine. Amour, in honor of Thursday, and cherry M&Ms.

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