7 Quick Takes Friday: Feast of Chair of St. Peter Edition

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 208)

Happy Feast of the Chair of St. Peter! Seven things about today and the pope.


Today, the priest wears white vestments.


But, even though it is a feast day, you do not get to feast on meat. Only on Solemn Feasts.


I have no real commentary on Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation. I was initially shocked when I learned about it last week, but calmed down rather quickly. I guess I just feel a sense that everything will be okay. I may get anxious over a lot of things in life, but this is one thing I don’t feel compelled to worry about. Perhaps God is grating me a sense of peace…


I don’t really have anything I ask of the next pope or expect from him. I know there are many blogs and opinion pieces online about such things, but I personally feel like whomever the Conclave picks will serve the Chair of St. Peter honorably and faithfully, continually professing the same Truths—recently revealed and long–established. Anything else cool or new that he does will be pleasant surprises.


I am hopeful that the Conclave will meet as early as possible—perhaps March 6. Then I have the chance of getting a pope for my 28th birthday (March 12), which would be a very fun thing to tell my hopefully future children—especially if St. Peter’s successor is youngish.


I’d be remiss if I didn’t jump in on the Name Game. Names I do not like: John Paul III. While I understand the tradition of taking on the name of a wonderful pope, I just feel like in this case, we should do as sports teams do and retire the jersey, so to speak. It is waaay too soon and close to the beloved JPII’s pontificate, and a tad confusing as we wait to canonize him a saint. Also, any name ancient or ridiculous sounding. And hopefully he won’t touch any of the Borgia popes’ names with a ten-foot crosier.


Names I do like:

Paul VII. (Paul VI was cool: his re-opening of the Second Vatican Council and encyclical Humane Vitae were critical acts of his papacy. Picking up his mantle might indicate we’d once again attempt to connect with the modern laity and yet maintain church teaching.)

John _____ (simultaneously honoring my favorite Gospel writer and JPII but still being his own Holy Father.)

Second names:

Michael (“Defend us in battle!” Very timely.)

Peter (No, not because of the prophecy, but because he was a great evangelist, and maybe bring us back to our roots a bit.)

Pius (Pius XII was cool.)




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