What I Wore Sunday – Snow. Again. But with a Reflection!



Happy Sunday of Lent! There is yet another winter storm this weekend. But this is okay. Because the Proverbial Woman “is not concerned for her household when it snows—all her charges are doubly clothed,” (Proverbs 31:21, NAB). As evidenced by my previous Sunday outfits and today’s, I essentially spend November through March doubly clothed.

Photo on 2-24-13 at 2.11 PM

Dress: Banana Republic (bought at consignment store)

Sweater: INC at Macy’s

Purple Cuddleduds! All the warmth and comfy fit of thermals with the style of leggings.

Leg warmers: DSW.

A Lenten Reflection:

Yesterday my roommate (nondenominational Evangelical sister in Christ) asked me how my Lent was going. At first I started answering her by describing how it was going okay–I wasn’t really sure I’d gotten any graces from my sacrifices, except for maybe some small ones. Then I had the thought–is that really the point? For me to gain something? What about suffering as simply a show of solidarity? Jesus suffered excruciating pain and a descent into Hell for me. Surely I can endure that which is excruciating and “Hell” for me for forty days. With his crucifixion, Jesus didn’t “get” anything for Himself, but He trusted that maybe God would do something with this death. And He did. God used Jesus’s sacrifice for someone else’s good.  Ours.

I think many of us can agree that during Lent, when we confront our temporal temptations, we almost always instinctively have the thought: “I can’t have/do/think this; it’s Lent” and all the connotations that word has for us and consciously choose to forgo that little (or big) desire. Maybe this is why seemingly random acts that don’t have any apparent inherent spiritual value (going entirely Vegan, as my Maronite friend does) are acceptable sacrifices, because if the penitent consciously endures some suffering in the hope of some good effected, God can use that.

So what happens when we”fail” and give in to a temptation? When we hit the pillow Saturday night and suddenly realize we haven’t really sacrificed or suffered all week? I’m guessing most of us feel horrible; we deeply regret it. We make plans to double up. on our sacrifices for the next week, and even Sundays. Guess what. I believe God can use that, too.  Recall the prodigal son? All it took was a little humility and regret, and the son was welcomed back into the fold.

So this Lent, the next time I get asked “How’s your Lent going?” I’ll respond with “Great! God is doing wonders!” Even if I don’t really know what they are yet–or ever will… 🙂


10 thoughts on “What I Wore Sunday – Snow. Again. But with a Reflection!

  1. Yes, yes, the prodigal son story has been on my heart! I heard a sermon recently that says we’ve got the story wrong. It’s not about the son. It’s about the father. The Father. Arms open, running you down to hug you!

    And you look lovely. We are purple and black buddies today, though you did it so much better than I.

    Thank you for sharing!

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