What I Wore Sunday – Laetare!

Happy Laetare Sunday!


Today we are expecting a high near 50! The glorious sunshine we had yesterday has gone away in favor of clouds. But at least no snow! For that, many are joyful. 🙂 So today we wear rose!

ImageCardigan: Ann Taylor Loft Outlet, seasons ago.

Dress: Ann Taylor Loft Outlet, seasons ago.

Boots: The Tannery. Definitely on sale last year.


A brief one today. We will hear the parable of the Prodigal Son. I love how many different approaches various priests taken with it. Each homily is new–a new focus on a different character. And that’s why Lent is such a good season. Every year we can have a new approach, glean something new with it, and become closer to the person Christ calls us to be.


10 thoughts on “What I Wore Sunday – Laetare!

    • Thanks, Katrina! It’s very hard to find dresses that go past the knee, so I’m always careful to keep well the ones that do.

    • Thanks, Susan! They are indeed. Even though it’s not where most 20-somethings shop, it’s perfect for modest work wear.

    • Thanks, Mary! it was a last-minute addition after seeing the picture window and thinking something seemed missing. I liked your reflection!

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