7QT–Good Friday Edition


I love this song. While it may not have been the singer’s intention, I found a lot of Scriptural imagery. “whose sharp words are often unkind” = those mocking Jesus. “whisper your deepest fears” = Satan tempting our Lord and Himself on the cross. “forgiveness as deep as the hue of red wine” = Eucharist. “let joy be the theme of your song” = Though today we hold deep in our hearts the death of our Lord, it is a joyful thing, for it was out of love for us, and we know we can expect the resurrection


I also love this song. I don’t think the intention was to evoke Good Friday, but the epic quality of taking on this huge thing “As my heart is pierced. Oh my soul is now exposed”… “all my desperate calls” = Father, why have you abandoned me? “To believe I walk alone is a lie I have been told” = Jesus had so many friends on the Via Dolorosa.  “At the bitter end, salt and liquid blend”…”let your heart hold fast, for this soon shall pass.” Take heart girls. The Son will rise again. “Never fear, no, never fear.”


Wear your witness. In past years, I have worn black to represent my mourning the death of a beloved, but today, while praying before Mass, it came to me all of a sudden that I should incorporate some white–white for the purity of the Lamb being sacrificed and white for the Easter we  know to come–after all, that is why we call today Good.


Something to do: Find a Stations of the Cross or Divine Mercy Chaplet at noon. Once completed, stay in prayer until time to get to a 3 p.m. Stations or DMC or full service with veneration of the cross.


Consider praying something hard and trying to mean it, as you unite your sufferings to Jesus. The Act of Resignation:

O Lord, my God, from this day I accept from Your hand willingly and with submission, the kind of death that it may please You to send me, with all its sorrows, pains, and anguish. Into Your hands, O Lord, I commend my spirit.


A sample meal plan: Just one “hot cross bun.” Try to find or bake yourself a plain flavored one; or, if any are left over, a hardened bun or roll from the previous dinner. Eat your 1 actual, but small meal, at lunchtime. Plain rice and beans is simple, but hearty enough to get people who must be busy throughout the day. Finally, for dinner, eat something small, quick, and not your favorite. For example, peanut butter is my least favorite protein and causes mild, but uncomfortable side effects.


Evoke the emptiness of the world with Jesus’s death and descent into Hell. No music, TV, computer, phone (or at the very least, put on silent and check occasionally that there were no emergencies); ear plugs on public transit. And be brave. If someone asks you about your demeanor, simply say, “My Lord and Savior died this day.”




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