WIWS–Divine Mercy!


Happy Divine Mercy Sunday! I was finally able to sleep in this morning, so no time for a pre-Mass post. (I know, I know, a single gal who whines about sleeping in–but have mercy. More sleep equals more energy to try to be a spiritual mother. Today: counseling a friend with a boy issue and hopefully later some edits on a book I wrote for teens.) It was a cold “high of 57–meaning Mass time it was 43, and the high will last about 20 minutes during the 3 pm hour–hey, it’s meteorological mercy!

Here we go!


Chocolate Blazer: Halogen, bought at a consignment store.

Dress: New by Down East (had tags), but bought at consignment store. Wait…just found the web site. My dress isn’t there, but OHMIGOODNESS, moderately priced modest wear! My purple-y confection hangs a little big on my narrow shoulders, so I put a cami on.

Leggings: Oh, somewhere. As I was miffed I couldn’t prove I had knees, I compensated with sandals.

Sandals: Brown, with some gold, bronze, and silver sequins on the bridge of the foot. Maybe DSW like 3 years ago?

Reflection: It’s Divine Mercy Sunday. In the past few years I’ve tried to complete one of the two devotions, but can never quite manage all 9 days of the novena or make it to confession before Sunday. Even still, this morning I was looking forward to saying the final chaplet in the pews and so overjoyed that God is so merciful. But I also recalled a Monday morning a couple years ago when I learned Osama bin Laden had been killed the night before–on Divine Mercy Sunday. My first reaction was “Really? Seriously? Of all days? Come on!” While my reaction at least affirmed my faith (because I sincerely do believe in God’s offer of mercy–to everyone), it also revealed how I need mercy, too, for I find it very challenging to think that I’d end up sharing heaven with people who brought the fires of hell on Earth. But our “sins are but a drop of water in the ocean of God’s mercy” (cf Thomas Watson). How incredible is that love, that He died for everyone of all time; His mercy is an offer we are free to accept or reject. We have no idea who in history chose what; all I can take from meditating on this mystery is the inspiration to live my life in grateful acceptance, over and over again.


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