WIWS: Boston

This week I’m doing a bit of a different post. Instead of pictures of what I wore today, I’d like to share what Boston wore. My parish is just three blocks from the second blast. It was accessible since Thursday, and is the spiritual home of many runners not just the third Sunday of April, but all year. Its location means that the parishioners get to easily walk the streets, shop the stores, eat at the restaurants after Mass. No matter our personal experience or lack there of with the tragedy, our hearts are forever marked.

I post these pictures not to be creepy, exploitative or disrespectful, but to show my city on this beautiful Sunday morning. We hope that soon these spots too will be the beautiful streets we’ve known them to be, and that they too, will have the new life of spring.


Flowering tree in front of the old part of Boston Public Library, south side of Copley


South side of Copley Square. Tents and trash still there a week later.


The memorial at Berkeley and Boylston streets.


The Pearson building. Two years ago, I worked here on Marathon Monday, and the street in front of the building had all the runners’ bags. My former boss is still there, and it’s been an odd week for them, to say the least. This is about two blocks away from the finish line.


Sign on a restaurant at the southeast corner of Copley Square.


View from the Prudential Center mall. Mile 26. 1 block away from the second blast. The investigators are donning special yellow shoes.


New life.

 If anyone reading this blog knows anyone or could get word to St. Boniface in Wesley, NY, I’d love to extend my heartfelt thanks to the 8th grade Confirmation candidates who sent my parish handmade “Thinking of You” cards. Our pastor read one aloud, and it really touched us in the pews, and I’m sure the man in the back, who was wearing a runner’s jacket.


4 thoughts on “WIWS: Boston

  1. This was such a touching post and a fantastic idea. So much of the focus has been on the capture, but it is great to see the city. Love the “New life” photo!

  2. This post is just beautiful. At our Parish in Brooklyn all of you wonderful Bostonians were in our prayers. What Boston Wore = bravery, strength and loads of love. Take care!

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