7QTF: Bouquet of May “Flowers”


Seven sweet things about these first few weeks in May:


NESCBWI Writing Conference. Every year, the New England Chapter of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators hosts a regional conference. I am super excited to take a day off work, travel to Springfield, MA (there are awesome Seuss sculptures!),


Hey, look, it’s me and Thing 1!

take lots of workshops on writing, editing, publishing, and marketing; meet up with friends old and new; drink wine and eat too much junk food in the hotel room, and wear this shirt made of WIN:


Daddy did well with his Christmas catalog gag gift this year…


The Kentucky Derby, which of course means fantastic hats.


We should bring back hats, y’all.


Cinco de Mayo. Oh gracious, between the mint juleps on Saturday (Derby on the 4th) and the margaritas on Sunday (the 5th), it will be a wonder that anything of actual substance gets done this weekend.


A very dear, long-time friend is coming to visit on May 8th. Super excited. The Mother’s Day What I Wore Sunday link-up may feature a very special guest!


Mother’s Day. 🙂 I am going to start a novena on May the 4th for women who long to be mothers, but are not yet (singleness, infertility, miscarriage). Join me in appealing to our Blessed Mama for the consolation of the wannabe mamas.


May the Fourth is known as Star Wars Day.


Nerdy something doing, sure, I am.


Pentecost. I am excited to try out a few new things that I feel called to do to live out a life of mission. Stay tuned!


One thought on “7QTF: Bouquet of May “Flowers”

  1. I honestly broke down in tears when I read #5. Every day is hard, but after a few years, Mother’s Day becomes a cruel and inhumane torture. I honestly don’t think I’ve seen anyone post something like that. Thank you, it really means a lot to this unmother 🙂

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