WIWS: Special Guest Photo Bomb


Happy last week of Easter! This Sunday was a bittersweet one. More on that after the clothes.


Special Guest photo bomb!

On me:

– Purple twirly dress from The Limited (last Fall clearance).

– Navy cardigan from a former roommate’s closet, I think.

– Silver gladiator wedges by Naot. Sooo comfortable on the soles. Hilariously, I ended up tripping in them more than walking (poor footfalls) than Friday night when running for the train in straight heels.

On Special Guest:

– Green polo from wherever men buy such things. So, could be anywhere!

My roomies were very kind to let my best friend crash on our living room couch for a visit this past weekend. He is a gallant gentleman. Who lives so very far away. Prudence and patience are the virtues God wants me to work on…

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