7QTF: The Past Week


Saturday: Delicious drinks followed by crucial conversation that prompted some serious sobbing.


Sunday: Mass followed by missing followed by much needed laughter.


Monday: Overtired from the fun but frustrating weekend.


Tuesday: Copy edits on the book. realize I need to take the advice of my character. She’s 14.


Wednesday: Super fun night at YA Author Panel and catching up with dear friend. Got to evangelize! (Q: So, is that why my friend’s 7-year-old is in a wedding dress on Facebook? A: Whoo boy. At least they didn’t order a limo, right? My DRE friend saw that happen once. First Communion: We’re doing it wrong.)


Thursday: Another super fun night, this time at a Children’s Book Diversity panel (it is Children’s Book Week). At peace with situation with Special Guest. Read book that is thought-provoking, but feel like if author understood Catholic theology, he’d be less harsh on the girl whose actions indicate she has some formation in the whole body-and-soul-are-integrated thing. (Note: book is for mature teens who can think compassionately and charitably toward  those formation has led them to lives that are not representative of ToB.)


Friday: Went to doctor to discuss some test results. Am told “Turns out we were chasing something that was never really there!” Dude, tell me about it. Life story right there.

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