7QTF: Woos and Boos


Woo! To Tim Tebow signing with the New England Patriots. This good, Christian young man is in my state, y’all.


“And I just want my lasting message is when people think of me to think that I’m someone who loved the Lord, I’m someone who loved other people, and I did my best to make other people have better lives.”


 Boo! To all the haters who wanna hate. Tom Brady is not going anywhere, and frankly, should not be the football icon getting all the press.


Will the real role model please stand up?


 Woo! To driving and not injuring anyone! I started driving lessons last night. Living in the Boston area pretty much precludes the need for a car. I don’t’ think I’ve driven on a road with traffic lights and turn signals and such in about two years.


 Boo To still not having the lease to the apartment at which I hope to park my future car.


Woo! To Verily sending me my first issue. Read my review!


Boo to the fact that Dignitas has stopped production. If I had any design-minded friends, I’d see if we could pull together SOMETHING to resurrect this beautiful zine.


Woo! to me and all the students at TINE. Tonight we have our “graduation” Mass and ceremony to recognize our earning certificates in catechesis and Catholicism (helpful for needing to sound official in evangelization efforts). I’m certifiable! 😀


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