7QTF: Striking!


Earlier this week I was struck by how much easier driving on 1-95 was than in-town in Boston. My goodness, I was about ready to take me and my gentle Russian dad instructor all the way down to Providence. But I was prudent and asked if we could practice parallel parking instead.


Also striking: Two hours of going through my desk and books on the desk ahead of my move and I’m only about a quarter of the way done. With the desk. I don’t know why I like everything contained (clothes, shoes, vanity cubby) but papers and books. I am estimating 12 boxes of books. Read along to find out!

(Now I want one of those cute little ticker things engaged or pregnant ladies have. But for moving).


Most striking: My book (link) cover! I got a sneak peek at a draft of the new design and am super excited about the direction it’s going. And that’s all my editor will let me say! Stay tuned for a reveal later this summer. (Oh man, now I really want one of those cute ticker thingies. Maybe they make them for authors.)

ETA: I can design my own!


Okay, now I’m struck by the fact that the two primary tickers are for marriage and babies. Of course, yay for those two things, but it does leave single ladies a little left out in terms of their accomplishments. Is it too whiny to ask that there’s one for buying one’s own home? Art gallery showing? Being made CEO? Earning an advanced degree? While I don’t think we should go all Carrie Bradshaw and ask for pricey shoes as a present, being “showered” with our friends’ joy at our success would be most welcome. So, a hearty congratulations to all the readers who have achieved such milestones!


Striking at hearts: this Pintrest square:



And this:

Pope Francis took a boy for a little joyride on the Popemobile.


Silly kind of striking fact: cereal serving sizes are ridiculously small. 2/3 a cup—a dry cup?!? That is not enough! 😛


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