7QTF: The Lighter Side of Life


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My dear friend L. shared with me a classic single lady moment. It was a Saturday night, she was feeling alone, and the landlord’s cat was meowing because the family was away. So she prayed: “God, I asked for a husband. Why did you send me a cat?!?”

I liked to think the cat was trying to commiserate.



Of course, this is L.’s reaction to cats in general:



So far this is the ticker I have created for my book’s January release.

It was the closest I could find. There’s books, see. And pencils and paper.  And a computer, which is actually how I do most of my writing. I chose the little counter because I thought…hey…it’s the Holy Spirit bringing me money from sales…


I kinda sorta want a guy I’m interested in to pick up a guitar and sing me this.


Gotta love an Arrested Development joke. With the Pope (pop-pop).




Why, yes, half this post will be from Catholic Memes. It is hot. *pbffft*



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