I am Me and You are You


Oh, yay! I am so happy Jen and Morgan are featuring the survey I suggested. Just another way to know any of us are not truly alone. For example, I just learned Jen is 28, like me!

~ Age: 28.5
~ Area of country: Urban New England

~ Are you working? If so, what do you do? Or, are you in school?: Working a cool Catholic job full-time
~ Family (let’s see some pics!): Parents married 43 years; Twin brother (single!) in Florida.; sister, her hubby, and their 3 kids: Bran Muffin (13!), Mallomar (almost 10!), and Carob Chip (7.5). Still my sweet baby.  Pics will come when I have a break from work…maybe…but then I have a date tonight! Woot! 😀

~How Did Your Parents Meet: Through my aunt her boyfriend (now husband). My mom’s sister, Aunt Ruthann, was dating Les, who knew my Dad. They met up and the rest is history. Want a truly silly story? The proposal. They were in my Dad’s car, one of those 60s muscle things. TMy mom thought he was about to break up with her! I’m so glad she was wrong! 🙂

~ Confirmation Saint: Saint Catherine of Siena. She was a twin who told the pope what to do whilst writing amazing letters. HOW COULD I NOT?
~ Favorite Gospel?: John. Those Bread of Life discourses especially.
~ # of previous relationships (ya know, that required a FB status change!): 1 (though, to be honest, we weren’t real into FB, so that never changed because there was never a status).  5 phases of month-ish long trial and error dating.
~ Top 3 qualities you are looking for in your hubby: In no particular order: openness to following the two big rules about marital relationships (chastity; no contraception after); has a fun and slightly nerdy spirit; desire to grow in faith, virtue, and knowledge
~ Online dating experience? Advice? Yes! Mainly from CatholicMatch; gave up on eharmony years ago. Primary advice (told to me by a guy): Post a photo that shows your pretty face as you would look on a date (no blonde glitzy New Year’s glam when you’re now brunette with only some light blush and gloss); do not overload the profile with TMI—like listing every single band, restaurant, movie, TV show you like; and understand that if you are stubborn in waiting for the guy to do all the work after he checks out your profile just once…you might be missing out. Send a smile or a “hi” and throw the ball back into his court. The initial phases are like scoping out a party…he sees you at the chip table, but won’t go near you (he’s nervous!) unless you see him back and crack open the door for him with a smile, hello, touch of the arm and “Nice shirt!” as you pass by.

~ Advice for a single lady (140 characters): Pray, play; follow God’s Rules, break social ones; know how men think, but act like a lady; live as if you know you are loved.

~ Favorite Thing to Do When Not Blogging or Working: Hmmm…so many to choose from! Curling up with a good book. Curling up with HGTV or Doctor Who. Enjoying the company of friends.

15 thoughts on “I am Me and You are You

  1. Thank you for bringing up this topic, I really liked answering the questions and I just love reading everyone’s responses. Yours is the second I read (I already read Jen’s) and I’m very surprised we’re that close in age. I assumed everyone was younger. 🙂

    • My pleasure, Ciska! So glad to “meet” everyone. I, too, assumed I was the only “elder” single, but am happy to learn there’s a greater diversity! Not exactly feeling 22 (ooh ooh) anymore. 😛

    • Thanks, Laura! I had never heard of St. Catherine of Alexandria, and she sounds really cool! Another kindred spirit. 🙂

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    • Hi, Natalie! Twins can be fun, though to be perfectly honest, in our situation, since we’re different genders and personalities, it’s much more like non-twin sibling relationships, especially the more we age. Hee! HGTV is awesome, isn’t it?

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