Question! What Next?

Hello, readers—if you’re still coming back on non-NAS days. 🙂

Yesterday I teased that I had a date after work, which is why no pics of my family. Um, yeah, the guy canceled via text, saying he was sick. I texted back that I understood (really I do, I recently got randomly sick on a Tuesday as well!) and we could reschedule for when I returned from San Francisco.

But it’s bugging me that a few of my friends were wondering if he set a new date instantaneously. Um, no. So, here’s my question:

What do I do next? Should I text “hope you’re feeling better?” Wait for him to text me? Call him up? Wait for him to call up? Send a message through the dating site where we met?



11 thoughts on “Question! What Next?

  1. Hi Btitt,
    Do nothing. He cancelled, not you. And, via text? Not good. If he reschedules, the feel free to accept. No big deal. But, you have no action here. Have you heard of the book Real Men Don’t Text? It is not out yet but check out the couple that wrote it (google Ruth Dean). Cindy

      • You are welcome, Britt! Sorry for all the typos. That book is available the beginning of Sept and is already in my Amazon cart! I plan to do a review of it. I look forward to seeing what you think!

      • Hi, Cindy! No worries. I may have to see if I can pick up the book before my plane trip next week. 🙂

    • I need to check out that book, too!!

      Yea… I don’t think you should do anything either. I went out with a guy monthssss ago (from CM) and then didn’t hear anything!! Nothing. So rude. I finally sent him an email that said something like, “I have enjoyed getting to know you, but I can tell you aren’t interested. Good luck with everything.. blah blah” He then wrote back and apologized and said that he was “busy” with work and that he didn’t feel there was chemistry between us.

      Oh. Right. Because that is there on the first date always.

      Anyway… I realize this story actually has nothing to do with your situation. But, I just wanted you to know that I can relate. The texting/emailing/online stuff seems to gives some guys an easy “cop-out” ya know? I think we just need to stand up to it… and make men that we could/do have relationships with realize that we are so better than that. Ya know? We just won’t tolerate it.

      Ok, I am done now!

      • Thanks, Jen! Oh yes…I am trying to “get my Boston on” as one of my favorite nuns says–essentially to not be meek, but clear and direct and firm in relating my needs to an individual.

  2. I’m sorry to hear your date was cancelled. I hope you enjoyed a nice evening anyway.
    I agree with Cindy. A text is odd and, well, just not acceptable to cancel a date (except if he lost his voice or something). My advice would be to wait for him to contact you again. If he calls to go on another date, accept. If he doesn’t, he probably just isn’t interested in you. That might be saddening in the short run, but it’s much better to find out now then to realize it after you’ve invested a lot of time and your heart in it.

    • Thanks, Ciska! I did. The update today (Friday 9/6) explains more. My heart went through the wringer earlier this summer, so it’s not invested ANYWHERE. 😛

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