7QTF: Happy Edition


Hello again! Join Jen and the others for more linkage!


BEST. NEWS. EVER! My book has a cover! But it’s not here. Why? A HUGE HUGE HUGE Cover Reveal will happen tomorrow (Saturday, Sept. 14) at 9 AM. Be sure to “Like” Britt Leigh (the author page) on Facebook.


If you’re not on Facebook, the happy news is that I will post it here, too.


I am in Orlando, visiting these lovely ladies.



Today I am in the happiest place on book nerd earth.



Tomorrow morning, I happened upon the info that a fellow Pauline author, Liz Lantigua will be talking about novels as options for Catholic classrooms at the Diocese of Orlando’s Day of Faith Formation. The Daughters of St. Paul from Miami will be exhibiting with books. Just six minutes from my bestie’s apartment. So I get to pop in with sneak peeks of my cover and TIP sheets for the book!!


Tomorrow afternoon, I will be in the pool, in the prettiest MODEST swimsuit around (at least in my exhaustive search area. who can buy a swimsuit online???) I couldn’t find a picture, plus, I got the separates from two different stores. But check back tomorrow!


I had two dates that went okay. At least one will be followed up with date 2. And a first date with Bachelor #3 is shaping up for next weekend!


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