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Fave Mom Blogs

We can’t always relate to them, but we can learn a TON! Plus, we want them to know how much we love them, too! Jen and Morgan (link here!)  have more…

I am a futurist. I project very much to 5, 10 years from where I’m at and say


Then I ask: How?

With many wants of a 28-year-old, a lot of it is doable solo. Career? All me. Writing? As Jane Yolen said: “Butt in chair.” House? “Put down the credit card, Britt…” But the thing I want most—marriage and children—is actually the least out of my control. Those kinda depend on a man.  😛

However, once I get the man, I want to have some idea of what I’m getting into. So I read. And I read lots of blogs. THANK YOU, dear women. You are apart of the New Evangelization: you are female apostles, bringing Christ to the world through your witness and families.

Here are some of my faves.

Simcha Fisher, over at “I Have to Sit Down” on Patheos

She is the first woman who made me think that if I ended up with nine kids, I’d be okay. I think my generation of women—even practicing Catholics—have been formed to fear I was one of them for a good long while. But after reading her blog and columns over at the National Catholic Register, I come away with a sense of hope that if it happens to me, maybe it won’t be so bad. Because she is still Simcha, a delightfully intelligent, witty, sensible woman, but also a great-sounding mama, and excellent approach to faith and life.

Mary, at Passionate Perseverance:

I first “met” Mary through Fine Linen and Purple’s Sunday link-up “What I Wore Sunday” (and still works for those Saturday vigil people. :P) I love her attitude, spirit, and gracious heart, even across the Internets. Perhaps the element that struck me most was when she recounted something her husband had done for her and her daughter, probably ordinary in the course of family life, but something about it struck me as “he is agape.” One really gets a sense of his love for his family. A window into their humble, happy home helps me see what’s really important, and how my search for a husband isn’t just who the guy is now, but how he can be in the future, no matter what life throws at us.

Jen, at Conversion Diary:

Who does not know Jen? Woman is incredible. 6 kids.  Crazy house. Blogging awesomeness on all kinds of topics, including mommyhood. I am a huge fan of her birth story haiku movement (today’s post)! She has Can I be her when I grow up? Plus, I love how both grandmas are nearby and help with the kids. And her husband Joe also comes across as a hero, bringing home the bacon AND alcohol. 😛

Oh, there are many more I like to pick up every now and then on 7 Quick Takes Friday, those who have children’s books on What We’re Reading Wednesday, and married ladies who are moms or at least spiritual mamas to us singletons: Cindy at Veil of Chastity and Auntie Seraphic especially.

So I have a question for you moms: how’d you know when you said ‘I do’ that your groom had the capacity to be the husband and father he is now, through all of life’s changes?

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