7QTF: The Week that Keeps on Giving


Hey there! Join Jen and the others for more!

In the past seven days, I got:



introduced to Bear’s Den. My absolute favorite:






so much incredible support and cheers for my lovely book cover:


               7491-4_actual size

Now on Amazon! If you or anyone you know is involved in teen girl ministry (advanced 12-15) and might like to do a review, let me know! I’ll talk to my publisher and see if we can use it. If you are BFFs with Leah Darrow or the Everts and they will do what you say, DEFINITELY let me know!


 this coffee:



Best ever. I hate how when you want a pumpkin spice coffee at a café, they think you mean latte (I don’t do hot milk). Or failing that, flavored syrup. Blech. No no. Spices. In the grounds. Thank you, Trader Joe’s.



But not this.


They were out. 😦 I may have to spend some extra gas to stalk it down. Soooo delicious with Nilla wafers.


A pretty new top for a date!

Perfect for early Fall (3/4 sleeves are awesome for 70-degree days), dark maroon, and there are lace-like cut-outs along the scoop neckline to give it enough visual interest without going too “much” for a day at a state fair. It’s just the second date, so we’ll see.


out the leggings and jackets and blazers and flannel pj pants and the hoodies! Overnight lows have been in the low 50s, even all the way down to the low 40s a couple times this week! Today was 80 with slight humidity (ha! Oh New England, this Florida baby finds you precious). But we’ve had so much pleasant early Fall temps of low-mid 70s, and even those only last about 4 hours out of the day.

In case you couldn’t tell, I. LOVE. FALL. God help you when the leaves turn and I post a thousand pictures. No joke…I once squealed so loudly at a Cheeto tree, my friend nearly stopped his car and gasped in horror: “What?!? Accident?”

No, just me happy about the most wonderful time of the year. 😛


some Wise Words:

I was recounting to my editor of life my experience seeing the boy [link] for the first time since it all went down and telling her how the frustrating part was his inability to see what I could see would be awesome. And you know what she said?

“Of course he didn’t see, because that’s not what he’s looking for! It’s like buying a car. He’s not looking to buy a car. You are a Mustang, and he may like Mustangs, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to go out and get one. It sounds like at this point in his life, he’s just figuring out how to get a bus pass.”

You hear that girlfriends? You are Mustangs. Hold out for the guy who’s determined to take you home.


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