7QTF: Busy Little Bee


Join Jen and the others for more fun!

Oh so much happening this week! I was only home Sunday night (and tonight…most likely)


Date #2 with Mr. Italiano. (There was a Mr. Cute Doggy, but after he called out sick one time and met up for drinks finally, has not called back). Mr. I and I were supposed to go to a fair on Sunday, but I had a cold all weekend and couldn’t make the drive. So we met up for dinner downtown instead on Monday while he was nearby for an appointment. We have plans to make up the fair date this coming Sunday.

I have found this whole dating thing is rather feast or famine, because…


Tomorrow I have a first date with Mr. Turtle. We have may compatibilities, but he seems rather shy. Let’s hope apple picking will draw him out of his shell more.

But if he doesn’t, that’s okay…


I started communicating with Mr. Glasses. Our emails have a bit of zest to them. We’ll see what happens.

Honestly, I never thought I’d be in this position—“dating” multiple guys at once. On the one hand, it’s nice to know there are options, on the other, it’s discomfiting to know that I will have to discern a point at which I stop. My issue is that I’ve found mutual chemistry to be a slow burn when I’m involved, so this could go on for weeks, unless of course there are some deal-breakers or nonexistent chemistry (like with Mr. Cute Doggy).

And I just know I will be frustrated if I decide to end it with all of them by Halloween because I’m “just not feeling it” and be left alone. Again. Or worse, make a choice and have him dump me three weeks later. Hmmm…


Oh, there was also an event Tuesday at which various children’s lit enthusiasts got together for drinks and talking shop. Delightful.


And I achieved one of my NAS goals! I went to a women’s group Wednesday, which is working its way through this book:

Click me to buy—and support Catholic media! C’mon, make it your Friday sacrifice!

So wonderful to join a community and orient our hearts toward God.


Thursday night was the book launch of When Faith Feels Fragile, a new book by F.r Scott Hurd.

When Faith Feels Fragile

MORE Catholic media love!

I read an advance copy, and if you have someone in your life who uses this song to describe their relationship with God and the Church

It’s a great book. Warm tone with a cute humor (“Churchy Things to Do” is a part title).


And, finally, the guy who had me singing this in August…

tells me he broke up with the girl he chose (instead of you know, me and having it all). But in the wise words of a best friend: “This means nothing to me!”

It really doesn’t. I realized in that moment that he told me that I feel really emotionally healthy (thanks, God!) since the time I didn’t. He and I weren’t just on different pages, but in entirely different books.

Plus, see #1-3. All of these men want the same things I do. Now let’s see if we’re supposed to have them together. 😛

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