7QTF: Such is Life


Join Jen and the others for more takes on this week!


 So the government shut down. I can’t even…go read Simcha Fisher’s post about how to help the most vulnerable. Thankfully, I am not really affected. Work does rely on the Library of Congress so books can get into Catholic school libraries, but if we don’t get what we need in time, it won’t be ideal, but not horrible either.


Mark your calendars: the Daughters of St. Paul are beginning a web-a-thon novena October 15 to help support their media apostolate.

dsp for 7qtf

Disclosure: I’m an author of their forthcoming titles. I am so grateful to the Pauline Teen imprint for publishing my book and helping young teens discover hope. With your support, Pauline Books and Media can continue to witness the love of Christ to this generation at a time in their lives when they need it the most.


Mixed guy news. I’m going to stop seeing one of my suitors. A perfectly nice practicing Catholic man who’s close with his family AND owns his own home??? Yeah. :/  There are a couple of significant personality differences (neither is “bad”) that might be overcome if the feelings were strong enough and mutual. But they’re not.

The positive news is that Mr. Shy from last week is starting to open up, and some mild concerns/questions I had about him are slowly being allayed. He is also a nice practicing Catholic man close with his family and owns his own home. So, ladies, they do exist! J


You know how summer is wedding season? Well, in my weird little kid-lit world, Fall is book season. Banned Books Week just passed. There was the drink night mentioned last week. Tonight is an awards ceremony and mini-grad-school reunion. In a couple weeks there are TWO book festivals. An Antiquarian Book Fair soon after that. Those last ones are particularly fun for Catholics, as a lot of the antiquarian books are from classics like Imitation of Christ (400 years old and still gorgeous) and well-loved copies of St. Ignatius of Loyola’s writings by 18th and 19th century Jesuit missionaries.


Roomie and I are going outlet shopping tomorrow, which means tonight I need to finish laundry and unearth the cloth drawer to take stock of the fall clothes situation, though it has been unseasonably warm this week.


 You may have heard of the guy who planned an entire wedding for his beloved based solely on her Pinterest board. Now, I would have a lot to say on how bad an idea this is, BUT that is not why this is a take. It is a take because…


The program was Karson and Kennedy, which I know has pick-up in South Florida, and probably elsewhere. Yeah yeah they may not have done everything the right way, buuuut to hear on a popular broadcast program the name of Our Lord and Savior AND his importance to marriage. Yay. Just yay.


Finally, I’m going to start with something new: a virtue of the month that I want to incorporate more into my life. Lately I have discerned that that is humility. If you have any spiritual reading, songs, prayers, etc. to help me grow in this area, do let me know!


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