Seven Quick Takes Friday


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Mark your calendars: the Daughters of St. Paul are beginning a web-a-thon novena WEDNESDAY  to help support their media apostolate.

dsp for 7qtf

Disclosure: I’m an author of one their forthcoming titles. I am so grateful to the Pauline Teen imprint for publishing my book and helping young teens discover hope. With your support, Pauline Books and Media can continue to witness the love of Christ to this generation at a time in their lives when they need it the most.


Speaking of….

 7491-4_actual size

went to the printer this week! Ahhhh! I imagine this must be what it’s like to send one’s baby off into the real world.


 I am obsessed with Songza’s playlists: Harvest Moon! Walking in a Woodland Clearing! Rustic…Something! Definitely puts me in the mood for Fall.


So I made apple strudel, thanks to the Epcot Food and Wine Festival cookbook, and the apples I got on my first date with Mr. Shy. We have date #2 tomorrow, which should be  another glorious Fall day.  🙂


Seriously, the weather has been unbelievable. Temps averaging in the high 60s, not 50s, mainly sunny skies, and brilliant, brilliant leaves.


The date also gives me an opportunity to die—meaning to sacrifice. Mr. Shy proposed two options of his own creation: both lovely and lively, but a pre-existing appointment meant our preferred choice was out. Our planned excursion is something he devised purely because he knows how much I like books, but also might be relatively short. So as I was looking for any nearby additional events on the city calendar, I came across an entirely different activity that sounds like tons of fun, too, but would mean we couldn’t do what he suggested at all. Ladies, it took every ounce of willpower to not suggest changing his plans for mine. Though I like to be in control or would prefer the new activity, I want to honor his thoughtfulness.


Virtue of the Month Project: Humility. “Not to think less of one’s self, but to think of one’s self less.” One of my greatest challenges is humility at work. Some prideful thoughts had entered my head last month—I had thought I deserved more: recognition, respect, remuneration; but that was leading only to resentment. This week I have been working toward letting go of those feelings and finding that I am valued, but do not have the answers, or at least very right ones, all the time. So I have been trying to see the bigger picture of what we create and me trying to recognize and respect the talents of my co-workers.

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