7QTF: Images and Links


Join Jen and the others for more!



I’m doing NaNoWriMo this year! Be my buddy: brittlieghbooks


piboidmo2013-header-720x1801And PiBoIdMo! This one we just come up with ideas throughout the month, not 30 books. Gracious…


dsp for 7qtf

The Pauline Books and Media Webathon started this week!


e48f8bd9d126314d8a9d30b0515ce322Okay, so not really. Boy Who Broke My Heart But Is Still My Friend just got a job where he really will get rich, travel the world (continental U.S. to start), and work on his abs at the hotel gyms. Instead of, you know, a life with me getting married and having babies. But you know what, two can play that game. While I wait for Mr. ACTUALLY Right for Me instead of Mr. SEEMS Right for Me, I think I’ll give the whole get rich (off royalties? ha!), travel (book party at mom’s house), and maybe actually get some abs (but pumpkin things!).



And yet I am also glad that we Catholics have that option because I have another date with Mr. Shy on Sunday! We’re going hiking. 🙂



A lot has been written about rape culture recently, particularly because of recent news stories about minors. I like this approach: WeReThink. The organization’s intent is to start forming young men in the values they should already have received, but either lacked growing up or ignored: fundamentally the dignity of the human person. And what she said. Because AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!


And now for something happy:



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