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The Daughters of St. Paul raised $25,000 with their webathon! If you donated because of one my posts, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. While the amount is short of their goal, every little bit helps. You can always make a donation, or buy one of their books, CDs, or apps! Every purchase from store.pauline.org directly benefits the sisters and staff at Pauline Books and Media.

I know Amazon can be cheaper, but please consider shopping Pauline…a Friday sacrifice maybe?

final webathonDisclosure: I’m an author of their forthcoming titles. I am so grateful to the Pauline Teen imprint for publishing my book and helping young teens discover hope. With your support, Pauline Books and Media can continue to witness the love of Christ to this generation at a time in their lives when they need it the most.



I’m going to give my writing the good kick in the pants it needs: TWO “contests” to complete in the month of November. Any readers out there writers and want to join me in the November double-header (or just one): Tara Lazar’s PiBoIdMo and NaNoWriMo?


But first I need to polish up a manuscript I’ve had in my drawer. It’s historical fiction for middle grade readers (think 9-12). At last week’s Boston Book Festival, I ran into a former Simmons classmate who now works for a big publisher. And she remembered my book from a reading nearly 5(!) years ago! And asked me to send it to her! To her work email.  Say prayers please. This would be such a big break.


I went out with Mr. Shy on Sunday. He gave me a little gift. He is now Mr. Sweet. At first the gift stymied me. Date 3? Who does this? No one. Then I remembered: men used to do this—treat their lady friends with flowers or candy—but since they do not and so many sons have not been formed in these lovely customs that it freaks modern young women like me out!

Just how broken of a society  are we?


So, on Date 3, there was a moment (okay, maybe more than 1) in which I really wanted to display some affection (He is SO Sweet.) and felt so frustrated at myself for setting this rule (no kissing until after exclusivity and some level of intent or commitment is expressed) that I didn’t know if I’d have the strength to prevent him from making a move.

I say it again: Just how broken are we?!?!


I am inspired to write a whole post about Online Dating. There’s been some chatter on Seraphic Singles and now this article on Slate about the “death” of online dating…

Teaser: I support it as one strategy in seeing if you’re called to marriage [link to IT post], but only if thoughtful about it.


Virtue of the Month Project: Humility. This week, I thought a lot about what it means to be humble with regard to my writing. I especially am struggling with the difference between self-defeatism and true humility. Because to be humble isn’t to get down on yourself (“oh, my book is bad;” “oh, I am failing at this whole picture book thing”). But it doesn’t mean to be prideful (“of course the book is great, how dare you say a negative word!” “my blog is awesome, I deserve more hits”). I think humility in writing is to graciously accept and thank people for their praise, acknowledge someone else’s criticism may be correct, and again to think of myself less and more about my readers.

Writers, do you struggle with humility and your craft?


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