NAS: Fave Single Blogs & Sites


November 5: Fav Single-people Websites/Blog posts
Share other single-person blogs or websites that you love! (or include posts/articles that you’ve enjoyed that pertain to the single life!)

Can’t wait to discover all of yours over at Morgan’s and Jen’s!

Auntie Seraphic: Quality advice, quality writing, quality theology (not of the body); quality humor (and some snark too!). Her point is that singlehood is not something to be suffered through, but joyously lived out.

Veil of Chastity: A Catholic older sister/aunt who radiates love and tenderness for her girls, who communicates the beauty of Church teaching on relationships, especially chastity.

Orthogals: I want to be their best friend. Witty, intelligent young Orthodox women living in the real world and acting like real women who tell it like it is. “Dating is hard.”

Single Solitary Things: Personal blog of 30+ single woman living out the life God has in store for right now.

Altcatholicah: Not updated as frequently as I’d like, but a super contemporary (but still faithful to the Magisterium) web journal. Features many articles on many subjects from a female Catholic perspective, and kinda what I had hoped to do with my blog. So jealous. In a good way.

The Evangelista: Also not just solely on singlehood or dating. Her post on “Pay Attention to Reality” is one of the best posts I’ve read on the issue.

Relationship Rules over on Facebook. I think they’re written by a GUY! That’s something I’d like to see more of: guys and their perspective on women and dating. Let’s learn from each other!

Of course, Ignitum Today, Busted Halo, and individual articles that get picked up by the National Catholic Register are awesome. Example:  Jackie Angel nee Francois had a good one on settling that I discovered after last week’s post. (Fun fact: Bobby, Jackie’s husband, and I were on the same college retreat teams. SMALL WORLD! 🙂 ) And I can’t recall it nor have time to link it, but on an earlier post, I linked to an article by a single guy that was really good.

All of yours!

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