7QTF: OOPS Edition


Check out Jen for more fun!

I missed last week.


Dressed up for Halloween at work. Princess Caritas from our book The Locket’s Secret.


 I had on a fancy purple top, long skirt, and of course, big ole locket. No one got it.


Got reminded multiple times in multiple ways that it is OH-KAY that Mr. Sweet and I are taking it real slow. But it’s sooo hard!


Am super-far behind on my NaNoWriMo goals. I have a concept in mind and the shades of my main character, but no real idea of what I want it to be—take-as-real supernatural element or deep psychological working-out of being outside of time and space. (But no, she’s not a time lord)                                                     doctor2


Also am a few ideas behind on PiBoIdMo. I don’t even have to write the stories—just ideas! Sigh.


And in my last stunning example of neglect, a friend who had offered to read a manuscript for her publishing house still hasn’t got said novel because I never sat down to do a look-see edit. Ugh.


Neglected to post my piece on Online Dating. For the second week in a row. Gah I am so lazy. So, it’s only fitting that:


Virtue of Month: Discipline. After reading Elisabeth Elliott’s Discipline: The Glad Surrender, I was really inspired to become more disciplined in a lot of areas of my life. That lasted about 3 days. I know I need to get into gear again, so this month I am lunging into big goals to at least just get me into the habit of following through on a commitment. The goals so far:

–          NaNoWriMo: 1667 words a day (to be disciplined enough to write everyday eventually, even if just 200)

–          PiBoIdMo: picture book ideas (to be disciplined enough to think creatively)

–          Exercise: at least 15-30 minutes everyday. Maybe just a different group (thighs, stomach, etc.) every evening (to be disciplined to keep up healthy habits instead of taking 8-week-long breaks)


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