7QTF: Glimpses into the World of the UnWed


So what do we do without husbands and kids?


Some of us write books. Here’s my first. To celebrate my 100th post AND the upcoming release of Gloria Jean, I’ll be doing a special giveaway! Check back on November 20!

UPDATE 11/15/13 5:21 pm: Look at this pretty pretty site about the January Pauline releases! YOU CAN READ A SAMPLE CHAPTER!!!


Many of us learn some lessons about relationships. New topic I hope to get to sometime soon: the Purgatory of Chaste Dating (Not As Bad As It Sounds!)


We go on adventures. I drove in snow for the first time! Okay, so it was fat white stuff that melted before it hit the ground, but still. Snow! Florida girl! Driving!

doctor 3


We deal with the frustrations of evangelizing.



We feed our minds and souls: I hope to get to the Real Love Revolution event in Worcester, MA on Sunday. Will I see any of you there?


We find ways to fill the downtime. Mr. Sweet will be unavailable to meet up this weekend. 😦 But that just means I can address my NaNoWriMo project. I intend to




Virtue of the week: Discipline. This week was not a good. week. I neglected to email my NAS prayer partner in a timely fashion (I am SO sorry, girl), did not do any writing toward NaNoWriMo, did not catch up on PiBoIdMo, and not lift a muscle to exercise. But I am slowly starting to get motivations:

–          There is a pitch contest for YA authors, and my novelist friends think my NaNoWriMo idea is really cool.

–          When the first book hits the market, I should have some other material stashed away, because I know I will get bombarded with “So, what’s next?”, much in the way people ask brides on her wedding day when she’s going to start having kids. Um. Let’s just get through this first momentous occasion first thankyouverymuch.

–          One of my dear Florida friends has a big New Year’s Eve party in the works and dress code is “Fancy,” and I had just the dress…ten pounds ago. J

That’s all for me folks! Join Jen and the other ladies for more glimpses into more worlds!

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