NAS: Surviving Events/Parties as a Singleton

41849-notalone5The holidays are coming up! Family parties, friends gathering….and you’re single. How do you “cope”? Any tips or tricks?

And as always, check out Jen and Morgan for more ideas!

In my family, holidays generally mean my parents, my twin bro, and my sister and her family gather together for a big, special meal (featuring REAL mashed potatoes), and that’s about it. Now that I am older and have work parties (usually at work, during the work day, the awfulness), “orphan” Thanksgiving dinners, and New Year’s Eve parties…it’s not really an issue. There’s always at least one other single person around, and the event is so communal and festive that negativity doesn’t really hit me until perhaps on the way home, alone. But given that such joyous events are actually a rare treat, I try not to spoil the experience by indulging in rueful thoughts.

While I am definitely thankful to be acquainted with Mr. Sweet, we are still so new as a “we” that the holidays will be me “solo”: no Thanksgiving dinner at either family’s place, no Christmas morning kiss under the mistletoe, no kiss at midnight on New Year’s Eve.

BUT I realized: I am not really “solo.” Thanksgiving will be spent with L. volunteering at a nursing home, Christmas will be with my family in Florida, and once again, New Year’s with some of my best friends (Orlando/Tampa people, we should get coffee!!!). I recognize that though I might be unmarried/no guy on the arm for the holidays, I am not alone. So that is my big, #1 tip:

Choose not to be alone, and rejoice in your company.

    • Not by family friends for one of the days/the whole weekend? Go to adoration; or at least, a church to spend time with God.
    • Throw a Catholic New Year’s Eve party: head to Vigil mass for 1st Sunday of Advent, then head back to your place for decorating, cookie-baking, and assorted merriment. Have a wreath lighting ceremony at midnight. I’ve done this a few times before and everyone’s just loved it.
    • Volunteer, make homemade gifts for family and friends, go caroling.

In short, give your love away.

The happy truth is, if we marry, we don’t know how many more holidays we’ll get with our family and friends that are like this. Better enjoy them while we can! 🙂

Now, for an extra boost and smile, check out the following:

  • This game by the Orthogals is pretty genius.
  • Auntie Seraphic has pretty good posts about surviving special events as a singleton, and I’m sure will do another for this season. One, two, three, and four! And five just today!

Oh my goodness! It’s post #99! Check tomorrow because there will be a special giveaway!!!!


4 thoughts on “NAS: Surviving Events/Parties as a Singleton

  1. Love the bingo game in Orthogals. Love the idea of a baking or decorating party for the 1st weekend of Advent. I actually won’t be home for the 1st two Sundays but I can definitely see doing that with my friends on the third weekend. I definitely try to get to Adoration a little more often.

    Choose not to be alone, and rejoice in your company – Love that line

  2. “Choose not to be alone, and rejoice in your company…” I love that! You make an excellent point about treasuring family time now because you’re totally right, once marriage hits, who knows how holiday gatherings will be spent?! Hope you have a nice holiday season!!

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