7QTF: We Wait With Joyful Hope

So many good things to anticipate this month!


Advent peace. Earlier this week, I was at a writers’ group member’s home. She and her husband are Jewish

and celebrating Chanukah. So they lit the candles and sang a few prayers. It was quite lovely, and much

like my favorite part of Advent: lighting the purple candles of Advent, the firelight flickering and the

prayers dancing off my lips. It’s amazing how such a simple practice can bring such calm amid a crazy



The music. The Advent liturgies are among my favorite. Here is a playlist of many songs other than

O Come O Come Emmanuel. Of course, I’ve got about 6 renditions of that one—have to have the multiple

styles, of course! And for those of you like me who try very hard not to listen to birth-of-Christ-Christmas

Christmas music and get tired of the secular songs that have been playing since All Saints Day, here is a

not-that-Christmas Christmas playlist that has some lovely winter/holiday songs that get me in the

mood without making Christmas come too early.


Christmas, of course. One of the neat, mysterious things about being Catholic is how time is not really

linear. Every time we celebrate Christmas, we’re not commemorating an event long ago, but uniting

ourselves to the birth of Christ in the present. We are there with Mary and Joseph on that cold night when

we are at Mass.

And, for some reason, it gives us acceptable reason to go a little crazy with decorations.



I get it from my mother.


More time spent with Mr. Sweet!


My book! Check out the link above. Soon and very soon I will make the listing on the Square store live. 🙂


New Year’s Eve. Every year for the past few I’ve gone to Orlando to see college friends. There’s always

some kind of party and pretty dress to wear. This celebration may be the last one we have together—so

many of us have moved or gotten grown-up jobs that may keep us away next year.

Virtue of the Month: Patience. For December, I’d like to grow in patience. I’m like Ricky Bobby.

I walk fast, I eat fast, I drink fast, I talk fast, I want to move fast. But in many aspects of life—especially if

I want to get married—there is another person to consider. So for Advent and Christmas, I’d like to link my

heart to Mary’s. Even though she was pregnant, and quite likely uncomfortable, her blessedness means she

was able to bear the journey and wait for her Son patiently. So I can try to slow down and wait, too.


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