7QTF: Book Release Week!

Well, it’s Release Week!


Due to unforseen circumstances, I do not have printed copies available for sale in stores just yet, but you can make an order through my Square store! Simply click on the “My Book!” tab.

(But P.S….if you know me from Simmons, email me directly about a Friends and Family discount.)


The e-book IS available for download now! I am a huge fan of supporting the publisher directly, especially if they’re Catholic. So if you’d like a digital copy, please check out at Pauline!


But if you’ve got Amazon gift cards for the holidays, okay fine, download there, too. 🙂


And I have a nice review from Kirkus! Thank you!


Do be sure to write your own reviews on Amazon and Goodreads and share with the teens in your lives!


Oh, and follow me on Twitter! @BrittLeighBooks.


I am deeply appreciative of all your support, dear readers!


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