7QTF: : Another New Year Post


Don’t forget to say hi to Jen and the others!

It’s a new calendar year, which means hopes are high with “THIS IS THE YEAR I___”-type proclamations and souls are reflective with meditations on quotes on change. But for me, the change in year sometimes isn’t  any more dramatic than replacing one numeral with another on my checks. Though there’s something to taking stock of one year and discerning the next.  This week I began thinking about those quotes I can’t remember the exact text of, but in essence say “You have to burn it all down so something new can be built.” And I feel like 2013–2014 is that for me.  To light the way this new year, I’ll take up a torch and light it from the smoldering remains that was the last.


There’s a book title I love: Someday this Pain will be Useful to You. And it’s so so true. The romantic pain I experienced in the last year is actually useful to me now. It’s only from this perspective that I can see the good in it happening and the greater good it leaves me open to in this new year.


Last year I also went through some changes—major and minor—emotional and mental—spiritual and practical. While they weren’t very fun, they have prepared me for the changes I know I need to make in 2014. Had I not gone through them, I don’t know if I’d even be able to come to the conclusions I have—conclusions that I think will only better help me follow out God’s plan. Just another sign of God’s grace at work. 🙂


Some of the changes I will make will be on this blog. After much prayer, I’m going to take the lead of Amanda @ Worthy of Agape and refrain from further posts about Mr. Sweet, unless he consents. I do not regret one sentence or paragraph or post cataloging my adventures in romance. You dear readers were like my accountability partners, and it was helpful to have a place to figure out what it means to date as a Catholic woman. Now that I have a relationship, it’s time to for me to figure out what that means with just my significant other.

But never fear! I will still talk about dating and the single life and love and all that girly stuff—just more general and hopefully pastoral.


Despite all the above navel-gazing, I didn’t make any resolutions. Rather, my years are almost always constant periods of realizing I should do something or working toward achieving goals. So, I’m going to keep on keeping on with what I know I need to do.


With that being said, tune in Tuesday for what those things are in my entry for the Not Alone Series. That’s right—it’s baaaack! I’m so excited! I have missed that e-community of women and their wise insights and witty takes on life. Here’s the topic in case you missed Jen or Morgan’s announcement:

In what ways can you grow/stretch RIGHT NOW that could effect the whole of 2014?
“I know so many of you have read and read (and even wrote) about goals/resolutions/words for the year, but it’s always a good idea to take a step back and reflect on areas of improvement in our lives, right?!  This growing/stretching may be one of your goals for the year, and that’s great! We want to hear about it!  What are some ways that you can love yourself more?  Be more confident about who you are RIGHT now?  Learn more about yourself?  Anything!”


Late last year I started sharing my weekly thoughts regarding a virtue I felt called to practice. And now I don’t feel the pull anymore. Instead, if you’ll bear with me, I’ll be posting just one thing once a week about the book. Without further ado.


7491-4_actual size

Book: On sale now! Click on the “My Book!” Tab above!


2 thoughts on “7QTF: : Another New Year Post

  1. Awesome post! Your number 2 particularly spoke to me as I went through quite a few changes last year as welI.

    And! I am so excited for the NAS to be starting up again too! 🙂

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