NAS: Ways to Grow


In what ways can you grow/stretch RIGHT NOW that could affect the whole of 2014?

“I know so many of you have read and read (and even wrote) about goals/resolutions/words for the year, but it’s always a good idea to take a step back and reflect on areas of improvement in our lives, right?!  This growing/stretching may be one of your goals for the year, and that’s great! We want to hear about it!  What are some ways that you can love yourself more?  Be more confident about who you are RIGHT now?  Learn more about yourself?  Anything!”

Reunited and it feels so good! Hello dearest ladies! I am so glad this series is back up and running. I can’t wait to read all your thoughts on this topic! As always, be sure to check out Jen and Morgan’s.

New Years’ Eves past, I’ve stood with my toasting champagne, waiting, willing for my world to wake up. I’d vow right then, right there that this time in 12 months, I wouldn’t be disappointed. Inevitably, the calendar pages would flip up to reveal another month wasted, another disappointment to privately rue over my bubbly. It was only this past New Year’s that I was deeply satisfied with my year and excited for the next, despite some major disappointments. What changed? I honestly can’t say. I count myself very blessed that even though I didn’t consciously act on concrete goals or habits to carry through the whole year, I still ended up in a really good place.

So this year will be different. I want to be deliberate. In chatting with my parents at the end of my vacation, we collectively realized 2014 could be huge for me—personally, professionally. Rather than cultivating a sliding not deciding mentality, I want to be choosing not cruising. As most resolutions have something to do with one or more of the “healthy, wealthy, and wise” adage, that’s how I want to grow. With proverbial glass in hand, here’s to some spiritual habits can last the whole year long.


Pray more. Confess more. Right here, right now, I can start small and build my way to consistent, quality time with the Lord—especially taking part in his healing grace.


Access the treasures of the Church more: everything from lives of the saints to words of new bloggers. If I challenge myself to learn one new thing each month even, I’ll have a trove of goods.


Strengthen my discernment. I have the feeling that this year could be so very different and so very big, so I’ll need to tap into the gifts of the Holy Spirit (wisdom, natch, and knowledge/right judgment especially).

Here’s an idea—let’s check in with each other throughout the year—maybe every three months to see how we’re doing: April, July, and October 14 will have brief updates about how each of these habits have formed and shaped our year so far.

5 thoughts on “NAS: Ways to Grow

  1. I really like the choosing not cruising mentality. Also I thought it was great how you took the typical “healthy, wealthy, and wise” and rather than skiming the surface and going the secular route with weight loss, debt reduction, and other such goals you recognized how it is important to be healthy wealthy and wise in our personal relationship with Jesus and place in the Church. I know I for one plan on doing a quarterly 2014 goals update so I would love to see yours too.

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