7QTF: Another Week



I know there’s usually a media-blackout of the March for Life every year, but I wanted to record TWO instances on LIBERAL (!!!) channels that mentioned the marches: one on WERS, the Emerson Student Radio news blurbs, which was very bald (they were protesting against legal abortions…true, but why’d you have to phrase it like that?) and this article on Buzzfeed.

Buzzfeed is your source of funny-becasue-they’re-true gifs and quizzes with the uncanny ability to determine, that yes, you are Ariel from a Little Mermaid. But every now and then they post news items. And yes, they have a very liberal bias and are in favor of policy decisions the Catholic Church is no. BUT they gave space to 13 young women who are pro-life–and not just for religious reasons. Because human life isn’t a matter of creed. 

*Please keep in mind that I am not in total agreement with Buzzfeed’s editorial slant on all things; just happy that hopes for women and babies to choose life is getting attention on such a site.


Highlight from the NAS topic of Beauty: Laura at Catholic Cravings for her fill-in-the-blanks poem post!

The next subject is: “Guess who’s engaged?!” Do you struggle with balancing the sting of hearing about yet another engagement with genuine excitement? What emotions come into play? What virtues do you enlist to help with it all?


Thanks to a very charitable comments discussion, I’m going to tackle a sensitive topic usually treated with silence. As I will be drawing from Love and Responsibility, it will post in February (awww…). But spoiler alert: post will be rated R.


Virtue of the Week: Trust. We had a quick little storm (at least in my neck of the woods) earlier this week. Driving home from work was not fun. But I swallowed back the urge to cry, call my mom, or worse, turn around and stay overnight at work. For two hours I trusted in myself, the other drivers around me, and in God that I’d make it through.


Vice of the Week: Impatience. Acting before thinking or obtaining permission can have very serious consequences. Nothing too serious was the result, but still.


Special Intention: For all couples hoping to conceive and carry to term. St. Gerard, please intercede on their behalf to bring more beautiful babies into the world and to loving families.


Book!: Recent conversations I can’t really get into much here have indicated that perhaps an explanation of the title might be needed for certain customers. The idea came from the character herself. Inculturated by  all these “rules” coming at her from various places, she decides she’ll make the rules (and since there’s ten of them, isn’t it clever to call them “commandments”) about this one area of life she thinks she can control. Because Gloria Jean narrates in present tense, the “commandment” relates to a theme or event in the chapters it opens and goes through an arc from silly and superficial and based on her mood to more serious and rooted in love.

Now don’t forget to visit Jen and the others!

4 thoughts on “7QTF: Another Week

    • Heh…I try to remember this when I’m tempted: “never read the comments section unless your doctor has said your blood pressure is too low.” 🙂

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