7 in 7: NAS Style! Masculinity


Who is a great example of masculinity in your life (father, brother, uncle, priest, etc)? What do you love about them?

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Yay! I am so glad we are getting to this topic! Contemporary culture can just be so down on men. Men are down on themselves! I can’t tell you how annoyed I was that NBC kept making a big fuss about “the Moms,” the mothers of a pair of ice skaters. And then the ad campaign for some product, with the Olympians signing off, “Thanks, Mom.” Don’t get me wrong. Moms are awesome. Moms give you life, nurture you, and all that good stuff. It is good that there was national attention on the devotion of women following their vocation to motherhood (even if they don’t use that language). BUT WHAT ABOUT THE DADS? Seriously? Oh wait. There was media coverage of a dad. David Wise, the 23-year-old gold medalist ins snowboarding. He married his high school sweetheart, then had a kid. The headline about his family puff piece? “Alternative lifestyle.” Now, as a former copyeditor for a newspaper, I know that it’s not necessarily the reporter who comes up with headlines, but there is an editor and copy chief or at least someone vetting the headlines. And note that in the original article, the journalist doesn’t use that word at all. In fact, there was “wise” and “stable.” But how bad is it in society that a 23-year-old adult, being, well, an adult, and making adult choices like to be a good husband and father is viewed upon with as much fascination as a blizzard in Miami? /rant

Onto the real post: showcasing real masculinity. This word and its definitions causes some cultural consternation because no one can agree on it, and nearly everyone misinterprets the other side’s definition (some secularists would have you believe Catholic men are abusive misogynistic ogres). NOT TRUE. For obvious reasons, I like to look to Proverbs 31 for descriptions of people we can aspire to be. Go read it here. The Proverbial Man isn’t some sex-crazed drunkard. He’s the opposite, who cares for the poor. Masculine men use their gifts to protect and provide for their families. They are respectful; they are leaders; they are humble. They are lots of good and worthy things.

I look to my dad as a great example of masculinity. He leads the family, he cares for his wife and children, he brings home the bacon and has fried it up too. I love how he supports me, encourages me, and also when he corrects me.


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