7QTF for 7PI7D


Join Jen and the others!

A Lenten-themed edition!


For last-minute ideas on what to give up, check out this list. http://www.catholicallyear.com/2014/02/outside-box-66-things-to-give-up-or.html

No stretchy pants? Yup, that’s a toughie!


Oooh, I like this article on thinking more in terms of what we’re going to exchange for Lent: http://www.ignitumtoday.com/2014/02/26/exchanging-lent/


Now, I know everyone has their preferences when it comes to what they give up or take on and whether they tell people or not. And like with most everything, I feel all that should be a year-by-year basis depending on the person you are and are becoming, which of course is going to be different. So this year, I want some accountability when it comes to the things I’m removing or adding into my normal routine.


Idea the First: No more mommy blogs (sorry ladies!), family life forums, wedding shows or Pinterest boards, etc. etc. Most of the time they’re all in good fun and get me excited about the vocation I feel called to [link]. At work, I once had some responsibilities with a marriage prep program as a single person. And it was great for a while—like those stretchy pants, it was nice to know I’d have that background in case I needed it. But by the end I felt like I’d gone through marriage prep—without the fun of a having a groom! And now in the coming months, we actually have more projects involving those subjects, and already the brain is going into unnecessary hyperdrive about what I would do, and actually feed tiny anxieties about motherhood into sumo-wrestler-sized nerves.

I don’t need it.

What will happen in my relationship and my life will happen. It will be nice for some forty-odd days to actually focus on the present and my relationship as it is—not what it could be.


Idea the 2nd:  Taking on prayer. I don’t know how exactly or what exactly I’ll do. But I know I need it. Last week I went to a small day retreat to jumpstart my relationship with God and hope to continue it.


Idea the 3rd:  No more Castle re-runs when I get home. Rather, it’s fix dinner, attend to things with the TV shows I may have missed the night before on the background, and then writing. Or exercising. Or reading for my book club date with Mr. Sweet. Praying. And then bed by 11. No excuses.



I’m taking up a Toastmaster’s class. I’ve often told people I’m a Moses in need of an Aaron. Speaking eloquently in public—heck even explaining things one-on-one to a friend—is a challenge. So I’m going to go these classes to not just get more comfortable promoting the book, but get more comfortable promoting the message of the book, which in my humble opinion is evangelization and being the disciple God asks me to be.


4 thoughts on “7QTF for 7PI7D

  1. You’re a Moses in need of an Aaron and I am a Dominican with Carmelite rising! HA! You know, mommy blogs are great – you get to see what the what with family life, but I can also imagine how it’s just the watching and not the doing that would get to me after a while.

    I’m married and there were times in my marriage that it wasn’t all “Pinterest wedding boards”. You have to step away, let it all get fuzzy and then go back in. Kind of like a mental and personal etch-a-sketch.

    Good luck with ToastMasters!

    Kind of struggled to the finish line myself with the #7in7 and that’s why I decided commenting this week (afterwards) would take some stress off!


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