7QTF: The F is for “Fails”

7_quick_takes_sm1Don’t forget to join Jen and the others!

So I have failed with some writing goals. But I’m picking my pen back up!


I almost completed the 7 Posts in 7 Days Challenge. But that Sunday I helped a friend move, went to Mass, met another friend for dinner, and just completely checked out during the Oscars. And the Saturday post was nothing special. Can we count Parts 2 and 3 of last Thursday as rounding out my 7?


And I forgot to do a 7QTF last week.


And at least two weeks went by without a What We’re Reading Wednesday. Ugh. I’ve been reading!


BUT I think I will do the 30K for Christ, if the CWG hosts it again.



And maybe this: https://campnanowrimo.org/sign_in

2014 Participant - Twitter Header 1



  Special prayer request for a sweet baby girl born a month too early.



Thanks to all who saw my NAS post on Tuesday and prayed for me. The TV taping for The Gist went awesomely! It will air in the Fall—stay tuned for exact dates!


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