NAS: Single Life Bucket List

not+alone5What are those things that you want to do before you get married (or enter the religious life)? Is there anything that you are excited to do, accomplish, etc before engagement, marriage and babies come along? Even if you feel that you’ve done everything you wanted to do pre-marriage, dig deeper and see if there isn’t anything you’d like to do!

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This topic comes at a handy time! I just re-visited my Pinterest board (Britt Leigh/beeleigh312)  I created for my 30 by 30 list. Thirty months before I turned 30 (Sept. 2012), I started a virtual inspiration board with things I hoped to accomplish before I turned 30. Some of them actually may also apply to before I’m married. While I don’t think marriage and children necessarily preclude me from publishing a book, advancing my career, traveling, or learning new skills, I do recognize it will be easier as a single, non-pregnant or child-rearing person.

That being said, here are some things I’d love to do, unencumbered by thoughts of the family at home:

–         Intensive writing retreat: maybe a week locked away scribbling with no worries of laundry, acquiring food, or cleaning.

–         Spiritual retreat: probably about 3 days and not silent (maybe Silent + talking meals) for a chance to read uninterrupted, journal, pray, and foster my relationship with God.

–         Attend a national conference (possibly with friends). I love staying in hotels and meeting up with friends at a regional writing conference. I’d love to go and meet people from all over the country and attend workshops and speeches on an interesting subject and talk late into the night over snacks and wine.

–         Write, publish, and tour for another book. It’s crazy enough as an unmarried person; I foresee it getting harder with a husband and kids.

But the biggest goal of all is to a) not feel sad after accomplishing many things as a single person because I end up unmarried for longer than I’d like and b) not feel sad if I don’t achieve what I dream because I end up married. Ultimately, the item on my bucket list for each stage of life is to be satisfied with God.

6 thoughts on “NAS: Single Life Bucket List

    • Good to hear, Beth Anne! I might have to look into a blogging conference…reinvigorate my commitment to this space o’ mine. 🙂

  1. I went to a Conference with my friends last year, it was a blast. The conference was great and the 3 day sleepover with my friends was a great time to get to know each other better, pray together, laugh and have fun together. We are planning to make it an annual event. Spiritual retreats are also great, never been to a silent one though.

    • Ooh, glad to hear, Nikki. I am registered to go to the ToB Congress in Philadelphia this summer. That oughta be something!

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