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Read a line about modesty that really got my goat: “women, who have a greater need to mollify aggressive male sensuality…”

Okay, maybe women have a greater physical need (as in protection from advances of stronger men), but I would argue that men have the greatest need (read: spiritual) to mollify their own aggression FOR THE SAKE OF THEIR SOULS.


Now, I am not saying women do not have a spiritual need to dress modestly (they do—to accord themselves with their God-given dignity), but seriously. If we are going to say that humans are more than just animals acting on instinct, then we cannot, cannot keep acting as if men have no control over their own hormones, and that women bear the most responsibility. No. Men have souls and opportunities for formation and seeking the True and the Good. They should know how not to look with lust. (I could write a whole essay on the distinction between a man looking at what is before his eyes and feeling nothing and man looking and actively lusting. It is possible. Women do it all the time. And aren’t we equal in dignity?)




There is a weird tuning fork hum in my office. I don’t think it’s the computer, as the woman in the office next to mine hears it too. Driving me bananas!


Prayer request: For the middle schoolers I met Monday and will see again next week.


Book 1: If you’ll indulge me (what…there’s like three feasts during this week!) here is the first of two book bits. One, the lovely Sr. Kim at Pauline Books and Media designed this incredible landing page for me: https://pauline.leadpages.net/ten-commandments-for-kissing-gloria-jean/

It explains the book and a video of yours truly!


Book 2:

Another great review!:

Posted here:




Thanks to Patti!

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