What We’re Reading Wednesday

Discovering the Feminine Genius

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Last Friday, two of my quick takes were from Katrina Zeno’s Discovering the Feminine Genius: Every Woman’s Journey. The whole book is full of insight and wisdom into what it means to be woman. In fact, I’d say it was way ahead of its time—the prelude to the “theology of woman” that Pope Francis has called for. At 176 pages, it is both a smooth and engaging, and a substantial read.

Weaving in anecdotes from her own personal journey, the writings of Saint John Paul II, and tidbits from the body of Catholic teaching as well as female theologians and spirituality writers, Ms. Zeno addresses many facets of the female experience: vocation, body image, sin, spiritual motherhood, and so much more. But the beauty of Ms. Zeno’s book is that though that lovely long list seems too long for a book this size, her adept writing threads them all together for a beautiful tapestry of womanhood. Each chapter concludes with questions for reflection; a couple have prayers and meditations. Katrina manages to write in a way that speaks to all women—married, single, with children, without, young 20s, middle 40s, and maybe even the consecrated religious. Her 12 ways to live in moment-to-moment union with God is worth the price of admission alone, and the books she cites will only make you expand your reading list.

I loved this book. To some, her voice might get a bit casual, and dare I say salty (a couple “hell”s), but to me, reading her language was like hearing from a friend who’s been graced by God with wisdom and understanding. But her interesting perspective—especially her examination of manhood—is a worthy lens with which to behold the female spirit. Every woman should journey through this book, which serves as a clarion call for the women of every age to root, shoot, and fruit in their vocation.

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