7QTF: Communion Season!

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Headed home for a very special weekend! Niece C. is receiving the Eucharist for the first time and Mr. Sweet is meeting my siblings!


Prayer request: For my youngest niece and her class and all the kiddoes making the sacrament of their First Holy Communion. May they always have their hearts beat for the living God, and like little C., readily pronounce Jesus as better than Santa.*


*True story. About four years ago, one Thanksgiving, her eldest brother (9 at the time), announces to the table the discussion question for the evening: “Who’s better—Santa or Jesus?” C. is the first to answer, and chirps, “Jesus!”


Another true story. Her older sister, M., who was just months shy of making her First Communion, comes back to the pew with her mama after she goes and gets her Celiac-friendly Eucharist before we can even leave for the line, tells me, “Britt…I saw GOD.”*


*I choose to believe it was solid catechesis about the True Presence, and not you know, a 7-year-old’s conflating priest with God. Well, actually…that counts too. But I’m sure she wasn’t taught that. 😛


Mr. Sweet and I were at a church that celebrated its’ second-graders’ First Communion on Divine Mercy Sunday Mass*, and before it all started, I was waiting in line for the ladies’ with a Mom and her daughter in her white dress and another woman behind me. So naturally we talk. (“Don’t let her go to the bathroom with her. Secrets come out in there.”)

Woman tells me about this one little girl she knew who wore an $800 gown from Vera Wang for her sacrament. Um. Even the fact that this was a second wear after donning it to be the flower girl in a rich friend/family member’s wedding doesn’t make it less nutty. $800. For a little girl’s dress!


Is it just me, or wouldn’t this be lovely as a wedding dress? Probably costs as much.

I should have told her my story. Prior to the Mass, us girls were in a holding room (classroom), looking at each other’s shoes. (Starts young, I tell ya.). “Where’d you get yours?” “Ooh, those are cute.” “Yours are so pretty!” About five of us: “Payless.” “Payless!” “Payless.” 🙂


*I really like that the reception of this sacrament is done in the context of Sunday Mass, as it cuts down on the abuses listed below. I get that Catholic schools have different considerations–50+ kids in a class with all their immediate families—but really, these pseudo-wedding-day, secular pomp and circumstance celebrations can take away the sacramental reality for the child.

Abuses. All true stories from a Catholic school AP and a parish DRE.

–         Spending more than $500 on a dress.

–         Talking with all the other moms about how much you spent.

–         Spending money on professional hair styling.

–         Blatantly defying the no-make-up rule.

–         Arriving to church in a limo.

Yes, I do realize I am not even 30 and childless and shouldn’t be complaining about this issue. But I don’t care Now get off my lawn. 😛


Book: It’s May! That means it’s National Celiac Awareness Month! Part of Gloria Jean’s story is to reconcile the notion of the theology of the body—that she can learn about God from her body—when her body can’t even receive God (in the form of bread). Aside from a couple nonfiction picture books, this reality of a gluten-free-life for kids and teens isn’t really dealt with in fiction. Further, there’s very few resources that take into account how this affects Catholics (Eucharist in the form of bread must contain a certain percentage of wheat in order to be valid matter). So here are some links:

Catholic Celiac Society

A Word from the USCCB

A Blog Chronicle

Low-Gluten Hosts




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