7QTF: Questions for You!

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Here’s niece C., bearing Jesus! She quite happily wore her older sister’s dress. So proud.


What are some lovely stories from your First Communions?


My godson gets Confirmed next year. Who are some saints I can point him to read up on this summer? Short, but cool stories, are the best bet for this 13-year-old.


I’m thinking about writing a piece on marriage discernment. When, how, why did you know your spouse was the one to enter into a life-long sacrament with?


Prayer request: A “cultural” group affiliated with a Satanic temple group intends on holding a Black Mass re-enactment at Harvard on Monday, May 12, at 8:30 pm. Though they avow that they’re not going to use a host anyone would consider consecrated, it is still vastly offensive to pick this one particular as representative of “religious facets that continue to influence contemporary culture.” The other events by this culture group include a Shinto tea ceremony (presumably done according to form, not mocking the ritual), a Shaker exhibition (presumably done according to form, not satirizing the believers), and Buddhist meditation (presumably not using hate words as chant). Why the very thing that denigrates our religion and faith, which they purport they are not doing, was chosen over you know, an actual Mass, I have no idea.

Lord, forgive them, they know not what they do.

Can you please pray that this event doesn’t happen, and if it does, for the souls of those would engage in such a practice?


I wrote a review of Something Other God Than God.

There. There’s the mention. Now what would I do with a banana suit beyond Halloween?


 What should I get for my mother 1400 miles away and days late?



Book: It’s May! That means it’s National Celiac Awareness Month! Part of Gloria Jean’s story is to reconcile the notion of the theology of the body—that she can learn about God from her body—when her body can’t even receive God (in the form of bread).

This past Sunday’s Gospel is referenced in the book. Gloria Jean is asked by her priest, Fr. Mazi, to meditate on the passage in which the risen Jesus is made known to the disciples in “the breaking of the bread.” But as a teen who can receive only the wine, Gloria Jean struggles: “Well, that’s just perfect. There was no ‘made known to them in the pouring of the wine,’ now was there? I mean, the Host is so familiar. I’m not sure anything else will ever seem like Communion to me. The bright red hymnal catches my eye. Don’t most of the Communion songs refer to ‘wheat’ and the ‘bread of Life?’ Yup. Not a whole lot about the ‘wine of life.’

Here’s a good pastoral note on the issue from a priest who recognizes the potential spiritual challenge for people with this condition: http://www.hprweb.com/2013/06/celiac-disease-and-holy-communion-a-medical-and-spiritual-dilemma/

He does reference the lyric: “Our blessing cup is a Communion with the blood of Christ,” which is taken from Scripture.

Do any of you musically inclined folks know of any other “wine songs”?


2 thoughts on “7QTF: Questions for You!

  1. What a cute first communion pic! I remember one of my classmates wore a flower wreath on her head (real flower!), and before Mass when we were outside taking pictures, the bees would not stop swarming towards her. It was a bee-saster! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing that this month is National Celiac Disease Awareness Month – I had no idea! My thesis was actually on celiac disease – I surveyed dietitians from 7 states to see how proficient they were with celiac disease nutrition education and technology (kind of 2 studies in 1), but I was shocked to find that even some dietitians are not fully competent in this challenging nutritionally focused disease! I don’t know of any “Wine of Life” songs, unfortunately 😦

    • Thanks, Joan! What a cute story! I cannot believe dietitians are not fully competent! 1 in 140 people are thought to have it. And tests can have false positives or negatives and dependent on presence of gluten (and hence, antigens), and then it’s a matter of how much. And how EXPENSIVE! Insurance will cover it, but as an autoimmune disorder, it’s not like one true negative lasts you the rest of your life if you’re genetically predisposed. Ugh :/ Thanks for posting!

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