7QTF: Thank goodness for…


“Your gender is against our religion”: http://www.pakistantoday.com.pk/2014/03/15/comment/coucil-of-islamic-ideology-declares-womens-existence-anti-islamic/

Thank goodness for Saint John Paul II for not only affirming, but celebrating women’s integral part of the Catholic faith.


“You young people must be crassly pandered to in order to get you to vote”: Actually, I’m not going to link to the video it is THAT terrible. Suffice to say a certain parliamentary “Rock the Vote” style ad used a Adult Swim-at-a-bacchanal-style cartoon to get young people to vote and care about things like “climate regulation, agricultural subsidies, and chemicals in toys.” Um, Unnamed Nation, I think government bodies do a lot more that young people really should care about, and you’ll win more of them when you aren’t being as disgusting as possible in the name of humor.

Thank goodness they had the sense to pull the ad, and for Saint John XXIII, who had real wit about him.


“We don’t know what ‘oppression’ means”: http://www.boston.com/news/local/massachusetts/2014/05/14/take-for-harvard-black-mass-coming-this-fall/vurWnQHV0jQaQX8B07HgDL/story.html.  Look at the top of the page; this is not the opinion section, nut “News.” Now look at the tone. RAWR. I do not understand how signing petitions, voicing our perceptions about the event and why we believe it should be canceled, and hosting prayer services are “oppressive”.  It was unreasonably burdensome or severe to ask you to not denigrate the faith of fellow students under the guise of “education”? Let me tell you what oppression is:  it’s being dragged by force out of a public building; it’s being arrested and put into jail for a speech; it’s being afraid to worship because for three Sundays in a row someone’s bombed churches in your region, all because you believe in something different. And I could write a whole other treatise on how this piece is shoddy journalism. At no point has anyone actually asked the right questions to get answers from the Club like: “This is what will go down. This is how we’re not mocking another belief system. No, of course there won’t be a nude woman on the stage; here are the paragraphs explaining the bits we’re re-enacting and why we don’t think it’s anti-Catholic.” Anchoress, can you please ask?

Thank goodness for Boston Catholics. Jesus walked in some of the most liberal neighborhoods in the nation and it was standing room only just to be in His presence.




Oh, and speaking of the black Mass, that’s the title of the big biopic about Whitey Bulger, to start filming in Cambridge later this season. *slow clap* Way to go, guys. I only get to hear the name of an offensive practice for now until the movie has been out a few weeks. Awesome.


The season finale of Castle. Terrible, terrible writing.


Another article so disappointing I can’t even link to it profiles the lead star in the “teen” soap Reign. Chock full of quotes about how portraying licentousness is empowering for teen girls, it…I can’t even…

Thank goodness for Catholic understanding of dignity of the human person.


Book: It’s May! That means it’s National Celiac Awareness Month! Part of Gloria Jean’s story is to reconcile the notion of the theology of the body—that she can learn about God from her body—when her body can’t even receive God (in the form of bread).

One of the big challenges people with Celiac face is dealing with those who have no idea, nor care to know, what the disease is and how important it is for people with the condition to avoid it.

Says one chef blogger: “I’m infuriated that anyone is eating a gluten-free diet and doesn’t know what gluten is. It makes our lives more difficult, those of us who truly have to avoid gluten. Just doing it because it’s a fad, and you think it’s a weight-loss diet, makes you seem pretty foolish. But more importantly than that, when you ask for a gluten-free meal at a restaurant, then decide to have the cookie at the end anyway, you make wait staff and cooks across America doubt those of us who need to avoid that little bit of cross-contamination.” (Gluten Free Girl).

Which is why it’s really unfortunate that Jimmy Fallon turned it into a bit, pretending that a show writer was a chef with a serious gluten allergy and proceeded to shove a pie in his face: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JIlOWdF_GmU.

And Jimmy Kimmel did one of those “man-on-the-street” bits to point out that people who go gluten-free simply because it’s a fad diet don’t actually know what gluten is or what it does: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/05/06/gluten-free-people-have-no-idea-what-gluten-is_n_5273980.html. His sign off? “Maybe gluten doesn’t exist.”

Thank goodness for people like Joan, who are studied the condition for her degree and bringing awareness to it.  🙂


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