7QTF: Summer Reading

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I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid I LOVED summer reading. Too much, in fact. I was done with the fiction assignments by the Fourth of July—and this was down in Florida, where school didn’t end until mid-June. (It’s earlier now, because humider-than-hell mid-August is such a great time for school to start. Actually, it’s because hurricanes are coming later and later in the season, so make-up days can be tacked on.)

Ugh. Anyway. As a grown up, I want to resurrect the tradition of summer reading. Now that Verily is digital-only and nearly every other magazine too trashy for my airplane read; that there is a family cruise with four days of sailing to while away; and a possible new apartment with outdoor space with which to sit, sip wine, and read on a late afternoon, I need to prepare!


Already on the pile with a bookmark 17% of the way in: Hyperbole and a Half. Featuring the best comics and some new creations for the book, this compilation of the witty blogess’s quirky slices of life [link] is perfect for late-night fare before bed, light snatches for a sun-baked mind at the pool or beach, or literary floss between the heavier stuff that’s taking you months to get through.

What I love most about her work: her two-part series on depression. Multiple friends with experience dealing with the condition attest it is spot-on.

Warning: Though the images are like crude children’s cartoons, this material IS.NOT.FOR.CHILDREN.


Sort-of self-portrait of said blogess.


Need to pick up again, and an ever-growing project: He Speaks to You. Ladies, this book has got it all! Scripture! Reflections! Prayers! JOURNALING PROMPTS. The feel good hit of the whole year (it’s daily meditations on your relationship with God!).


Homework for the Theology of the Body Congress 2014. I’m going! Are you? Let’s get coffee! I think I’m going to snag a copy of Theology of the Body Made Simple from work….


There will be a quiz on this in the Fall book. The Family First Creative is a freebie e-book I got from purchasing Jen Fulwiler’s amazing Something Other Than God. So, I don’t have a family yet, but I figure it will probably be good to get a sense of time management and balancing personal responsibilities with the due I want to give my craft.


Obligatory Fiction Selection. Oh goodness. I have no idea. I’m so far behind on all the current YA. I still have galleys from Book Expo America 2010. Any recommendations? Think Kate DiCamillo’s warmth when she’s being good, John Green’s bathos and pathos, and Laurie Halse Anderson’s rich honesty.


Prayer Request: This week I wrote a review of my top pick for a summer read, My Sisters, the Saints. The most heart-wrenching part of the book was the chapter on the author’s father’s experience with dementia. My grandma has it too, and is in the middle stages where it’s hardest on those around her and she’s unaware, until it’s not, and then in the final stages becomes difficult for everyone. So,

Please pray for my grandma, and everyone else’s loved ones with this terrible disease, that they may be treated with dignity and aware of God’s love for them.

Please pray for those who take care of people with Alzheimer’s and dementia, that they may treat their patients with dignity and be aware of God’s love for them.

Please pray for people in the medical community, that they may find a cure or better therapies for this debilitating condition.


Book: June will be the last month of the book taking over #7. Starting July, I will post relevant links in the “My Book!” tab and updating my author site, brittleighbooks.com

Now, even though Gloria Jean’s story takes place in one epic Fall, it’s still light enough for summer reading! Here are the four.only.places you can by my book:

Direct from me.  They’ll come SIGNED!

Daughters of St. Paul Web Store. Send a nun some love. [link].

Daughters of St. Paul Book Center. Or give a nun a hug! [link].

Amazon. BE SURE TO CLICK ON PAULINE as the “Seller.”

Why no bn.com? TheCatholicCompany.com? Your other friendly Christian/Catholic bookstore? Well…short story is that because we wanted the book to be affordable for families and kids buying at the JClub book fairs (totally call your librarian to bring these to your school next Fall), certain distribution channels aren’t available. The glories of the book biz.

Thank you!


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