7QTF: Life’s Little Indignities

7_quick_takes_sm1Joining Kathryn at Team Whitaker this week!


When your metabolism suddenly up and decides that you can no longer handle more than one cup of watered-down full-caf coffee per day. We totally need to adopt siesta hours.


When the Donut Fairy at work stops surprising the office with random deliveries on mid-week afternoons. Those were the best three weeks.


When you’re waiting on an answer to something and the person keeps saying every two weeks…”We’ll know more in two weeks.” Doesn’t he realize my blog is waiting on the splashy announcement post?!?


When the balmy spring-like temperatures draw out the skunks to your neighborhood. What’s a summer breeze when you’ve got air-conditioning?


When you have an appointment on a Friday afternoon and you must leave work on time, and of course, you are late coming in meaning you will be leaving late. *crosses fingers* Please be good traffic, please be good traffic.


When you realize there’s another Twitter user with your name…who’s an atheist. Going to see about changing mine to Britt Leigh The Author (currently am @brittleighbooks) to match my FB account. Are we FB friends, btw?


Book: Lately at work I’ve had reason to scour all the writings and speeches of Pope Francis. One of the posts I came across was this Message on the Ten Commandments. When the project is called “When Love gives meaning to your life,” I just knew I had to post about it in connection with my book.

“Following the Ten Commandments means being faithful to ourselves and to our most authentic nature, and walking towards the genuine freedom that Christ taught us in the Beatitudes (cf. Mt 5:3-12, 17; Lk 6:20-23).”

Why, that’s what Gloria Jean learns!

“Here lies the heart of the Ten Commandments: the Love that comes from God and gives life meaning, love that makes us live, not as slaves but as true sons and daughters. This is love that gives life to all relationships: with God, with ourselves — we often forget this — and with others.”

Why, that’s what Gloria Jean learns!

“True freedom is not that of following our own selfishness, our blind passions; rather it is that of loving, of choosing what is good in every situation.’

Why, that’s what Gloria Jean learns!

The Ten Commandments are not a hymn to the “no”, they are to the “yes”. A “yes” to God, a “yes” to Love, and since I say “yes” to Love, I say “no” to non-Love, but the “no” is a consequence of that “yes” which comes from God and makes us love.

And that, in a nutshell, is chastity. Which Gloria Jean learns. :0)


2 thoughts on “7QTF: Life’s Little Indignities

  1. That Donut Fairy is a flighty temptress. At work last week, I thought I had an unhelpful Dishwasher Fairy who unloaded dirty dishes. (It was a coworker. At least he tried.)

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