7QTF: Some Good Things

7_quick_takes_sm1Joining up at Team Whitaker!


This QT on marriage. #7 in particular. I’ve actually never heard it put like that before. http://adamncrawford.com/?p=828

Yay marriage!


This blog post on the benefits of babies. http://www.ncregister.com/blog/simcha-fisher/babies-as-teachers

Yay babies!


Auntie Seraphic has posted her speech on Edith Stein, who just so happened to be a big influencer of John Paul II. http://seraphicsinglescummings.blogspot.com/2014/06/the-stein-speech-abridged.html

Yay women!


I will resume regular blogging soon, I promise! Just taking a little vacation while life sorts itself out.

Yay writing!


Prayer request: For my friend A., who is getting married tomorrow.


Prayer request: For my other friend, AM., whose second anniversary is Sunday.


Book: My book will be in the Newton Free Library! Some lovely people in one of my critique groups have purchased it and are donating it to the collection. In case you were not aware, libraries do not shelve all new books, and very rarely know about Catholic works. Some reasons why:

1. Big publishers have whole Library divisions that cater specifically to this market and are so specialized in it they can make these sales profitable; the smaller and more niche a publisher, the less likely this is.

2. Libraries have buyers—in my case, the YA librarian would have to see positive reviews of my book in the Big 3 – Kirkus, [link] Publisher’s Weekly, [link] and The Horn Book Guide, all of which are dependent in part on a) receiving the books and b) deciding the book merits a review.

3. Libraries like hard cover books—paperbacks may sustain wear and tear and face continual purchases to replace more so than hard cover editions. Many Catholic books are paperback originals.

4. Patrons don’t request them. The more patrons and more frequently people submit requests to a library to carry a book (which you can do!), the better the chances are of the library buying a copy.

So if you’d like to support your local library and Catholic authors, go online to your library’s system or visit your neighborhood librarian and ask how you can request a book get added to a collection—and then go ask three friends, and their three friends each to do the same.



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