Big, Splashy Announcement

Well, hello there! My apologies for my unexcused absence. I meant to post in the last couple weeks, but blogging just got away from me. Hopefully once you read what I’ve been up to, you’ll forgive the lack of writing.

Big, Splashy Announcement!

After three blessed years of working with Catholic books, I am resigning my job [effective TODAY!] and moving to a nearby New England state to be closer to Mr. Sweet.

I’ve got a KEY ring wrapped around my finger…

I have a tentative content writing position with a start-up foundation that aims to do social projects (schools, hospitals, etc.) in Haiti. In the meantime, I intend to start “living by my pen” in earnest. I hope to query some publications to write articles for them, submit more manuscript proposals to my publisher, and draft new stories to query at other publishers. Updates will be posted on the new “My Writing Elsewhere” tab or “My Book Tab.” I also fully intend to start book blogging in earnest once again on my author site,, as well as updating PG. In some shape or form (blog or official article), I may just be inspired to write about “Should I move for a guy?”

But most importantly, I will be working with Mr. Sweet to discern God’s will for us. Who knows…the next time you don’t hear from me for weeks at a time, I may just have another big, splashy announcement… 🙂


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