7/15: NAS–Summer Reading List


Beach/Plane/Lazy Afternoon Reads

(Appropriate Fiction)

–       Ceremony of Innocence (Thriller/mystery)

–       The Fault in Our Stars (Contemporary YA. Forgive the one instance of teen sex in this beautiful, beautiful book)

Single Life

–       The Closet’s All Mine (Hands-down my favorite book on the single life—and I think I’ve read them all)

–       It’s Not You (While I haven’t read it, the Orthogals’ review makes it a must for my list.)


–       Discovering the Feminine Genius 

–       My Sisters the Saints

The Deep End of the Pool

(AKA Nonfiction)

–       Something Other Than God (Not your average memoir. And not her blog, either.)

–       Understanding Love and Responsibility (Out now! A comprehensible explanation.)

–       Men, Women, and the Mystery of Love (A more practical approach than the above.)


2 thoughts on “7/15: NAS–Summer Reading List

    • Yes! I highly recommend all three. Fr. Robert Barron even did a positive 10-minute review of The Fault in Our Stars. The Closet is All Mine is a great book of warm essays on the single life. Not a guidebook or catechetical, but you still learn a lot about living joyfully as a singleton.

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